I have been with PWP since I moved to Philadelphia from Canada during fall of 2017, primarily as an editor and production assistant. My responsibilities around the office typically revolve around assisting colleagues with their existing projects, be it production assistance, teleprompting, assembling rough edits, or just helping out to grind through hours tedious editing.

As the youngest member of the PWP team I am fortunate to be surrounded by a group of very talented individuals who’s years of experience inspire me in helping to create compelling, human stories through video production.

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This was one of the first videos I worked on upon joining PWP, and one of seven in a series of videos produced for the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance (KEEA). This video in particular focused on the Energy Coordinating Agency’s (ECA) energy fit Philly contest, where block captains could apply to have houses on their block retrofitted with modern energy saving appliances free of charge. We primarily focused on the stories of two of the block residents who received upgrades and renovations. Although I only edited this story and wasn’t present during production, I still felt the need to connect the subjects to the audience in a personal way and to reflect the sense of community that was so clearly felt by the interviewees. It was a wonderful introduction for me to the kind of projects PWP pursues.

ECA present at the winning block

Wanda shows what her ceiling looks like before the weatherization