As PWP’s in-house cinematographer my job is to bring decades of technical and storytelling experience to properly portray every one of our subjects with aesthetic beauty and dignity.

It always brings me joy to curate light and shadow in way that allows the camera to capture the moment. Whether I am shooting a film short, a loud music video, or a quiet personal story – it doesn’t matter, I bring every tool and artistic sensibility I have to the table.

Both in film and animation, I have always loved the ability to move images. As an animator this gives me a more hands-on approach, instead of a camera doing all the work. This always feels so much more personal for me and I get a sense of intimate satisfaction I sometimes cannot get when sitting behind a camera.

Take a look inside Dave's work on:

JEVS Human Services - Meet Kareem Chappelle—A Personal Story

This is Kareem’s Story. As a convicted first-time, non-violent offender, this young man was given a second chance through JEVS Human Services’ “The Choice is Yours” program. Our task was to tell his story with his own words. There is no standard sit-down style interview. Instead, we followed Kareem and his family as they live their lives. We also staged a few ‘reenactments’ with Kareem and his advisors.

This was my first full grand day out with a camera that was capable of slow motion. I was excited to see the results and all my expectations were met and exceed in one specific moment. Kareem spins his two boys on a playground carousel. They laugh uncontrollably and hold on for dear life at what they probably feel are impossible speeds. In this moment, I was able to capture all this wonderful motion. Even better, we get to experience the boys’ moment of joy, terror and laughter, while Kareem smiles serenely.

Kareem reflects on his past.

Joy. Dizziness. Uncontrollable laughter.