For almost a quarter century, I worked in Corporate Television, in various roles in the Production Management side of our industry.  That’s where I developed most of my professional skills, while working with some amazingly talented people.  One day that all changed (as the corporate world often does).  Then one of those talented people I had worked with suggested something new.  I am now PWPvideo’s first staff Production Manager, and part of a new family of extremely talented production professionals.  I get to work behind the scenes by hammering out logistical information, production details, timelines, schedules, and making sure our clients are teamed up with the best production talent.  I enjoy taking care of people and the minor details that have big impacts on our productions.  Concentrating on these parts of the projects, from conception to completion, allows my truly creative and technically advanced colleagues the freedom to showcase their own talents to create the magic!  As a bonus, I continue to learn about the world of non-profit organizations, which reminds me that there is good in the world, and in our community.