I have been in this field for a long time. I’ve filmed across the country and on 5 continents (hint hint to anyone with projects on Oceania or Antarctica). This company started in 2000 based on a referral from the chair of my film program at Temple University. From that project we grew into the proud B-Corp we have today.

Creating moving media is deceptively simple. It’s true that anyone with a smart phone, a lot of time, and innate creativity can make a great video. But it still takes a great eye for composition, a lot of empathy, and a tremendous amount of patience to do that on an ongoing basis. Another prerequisite is the ability to collaborate. I been privileged to attract talented, patient, and collaborative coworkers who have taught me volumes about what I do and why. And by following my heart that I needed to focus my work on organizations and companies making a difference, we created one of the first production companies in the country with that niche.  Being first doesn’t make us best, but it does make us experienced, tested, and proven.

I am endlessly proud of the outstanding work our team has created for amazing clients for almost two decades. My heart is warmed whenever an organization I admire reaches out and tells us that they have respected our work for a long time. I am rewarded when corporate clients want to work with us because they respect our mission driven focus. I. Love. My. Job. I am very lucky to work at this company, with this team, and with our clients, old and new.

I also spend a lot of time volunteering in Northwest Philadelphia as the Treasurer of the Mt. Airy Business Improvement District and the Treasurer of the Concord School House and Upper Burying Ground of Germantown. That’s a one room 1775 schoolhouse on the grounds of a 1693 graveyard. Let me know if you’d like to see it. I have keys, and it’s on the same block as the office. And I always make certain to preserve time to enjoy with my partner and our two cats.

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Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation - Leiva PSA

I’m very proud of the work we have done for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Over the years I have met many amazing service members and their families and been able to gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifice of everyone in a military household.

Isaiah Leiva was not new to the excellent MCSF communications team, but when he was graduating from UNC Chapel Hill the opportunities seemed obvious. The challenge was that we didn’t have an exact plan for the footage. We don’t like to shoot first at PWP, but we do believe in building a library of assets that can be utilized for years. We thought through the agenda, Isaiah and his family’s story, and made the best plan to capture the heart of graduation weekend.

Within a year the footage from this shoot not only became bedrock for a new gala video, but it also became a nationally broadcast PSA. We had a similar path with the family of SgtMgr Pat Wilkinson.

A glowing young man in a sea of UNC blue. Even the weather cooperated.

We came with two cameras knowing that our story wasn’t just Isaiah walking, but also his proud family.